Information about giving feedback

Feedback on the service goes through the City of Helsinki feedback system. If you want more information about courses, please ask the Training providers.

Feedback is usually answered within five working days. If the matter requires investigation or planning, it may take longer to receive a response.

Type of feedback

Contact information

Give your contact information if you wish for a personal answer.

Because the data security of this feedback form has not been confirmed, your feedback should not include any sensitive information, such as personal ID codes, bank account numbers or information about your finances, health or customership.

The risk of delivery of an electronic message is borne by the sender (Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector, 24 January 2003/13, Section 8). If a time limit has been set for the delivery of the document, the sender shall ensure that the document arrives at the authority within the time limit (Administrative Procedure Act, 6 June 2003/434, Section 17).

For this reason, feedback messages should not be used for sending statutory reminders, complaints or demands for rectification.