About the service


Finnishcourses.fi is a multilingual website that publishes information about Finnish language courses in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, in the Turku and Tampere regions and in Oulu. All courses are taught by a professional teacher of Finnish language. The service has comprehensive information about courses, and it is easy for users to compare them. Users can enrol for courses online or by contacting the training provider.

The service also publishes Swedish language courses organised in the Helsinki Region.

The service is maintained by the InfoFinland editorial team of the City of Helsinki Executive Office. The website shows the training providers who maintain the course information. The Adult Education Centre of Tampere Region is responsible for the information for the Tampere Region. The City of Turku is responsible for the information for the Turku Region. The City of Oulu’s Villa Victor is responsible for the information for Oulu.

You can send feedback for the website to the InfoFinland editorial team using the feedback form.

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It is not possible to guarantee that the information in the web service is always up to date. The City of Helsinki is not liable for any damage caused due to use of the website. The Finnishcourses.fi website also contain links to third-party websites not associated with the City. The City of Helsinki is not responsible for the contents of websites maintained by such third parties.