Kristittynä Suomessa / As a Christian in Finland 2024-2025

Course information

Places available
Places are available
Starting level
Basic level begins A1.1
Target level
Intermediate level B2.1
Course dates
250,00 €
Ask the training provider if you are eligible for the discount.
Course week hours
Mon 10:1514:30
Tue 8:4514:30
Wed 8:4514:30
Thu 8:4514:30
Fri 8:4514:30
Note! There are some exceptions to the course schedule. Ask the education organiser for the exact schedule.
Course ID
Kristittynä Suomessa / As a Christian in Finland 2024-2025
Teaching hours per week
Contact teaching hours
Course features
auxiliary language English
the price is € per month
lots of discussion during the course
the programme also includes lessons on the Bible, theology, history, civics, working life or cultural knowledge
you can ask about available places also after the enrolment period
regular attendance required
for permanent residents in Finland only
you can pay with a study voucher
Books and course materials

Suomen mestari 1-3, lisäksi omat materiaalit

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There is continuous enrolment for the course.