The Finnish Bible Institute

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The Finnish Bible Institute (Suomen Raamattuopisto) is a folk high school owned by a private foundation. The institute provides general education for adult students. The folk high school has three courses aimed at immigrants. The main focus of each of the courses is on studying the Finnish language. 1. The institute also provides a year-long immigrant programme entitled 'As a Christian in Finland', which is considered voluntary integration education. Besides Finnish language, the programme also teaches skills related to operating in society and in working life, cultural knowledge including the topic 'Church in Finland', IT skills and studying techniques. The programme also includes a practical training. Applications forms must be sent by 31 August. The student selection process includes an interview and evaluation of the student's Finnish-language starting level. Any vacancies will be filled during the autumn term. The course starts at elementary level (no reading instruction) and students will progress at their own pace. Those who wish can also receive training for the National Certificate of Language Proficiency test. 2. A week-long Finnish-language intensive course. The course is open to all and you can register by phoning or by sending us an e-mail. 3. A multiform study programme that prepares immigrants for studying at an institute of higher education. The programme starts in August or in January and lasts for one term or one year. The application process is the same as in Section 1. Students must be eligible to study in a Finnish institute of higher education.

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