Eira High School for Adults

Laivurinkatu 3
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The Eira High School for Adults is one of the largest educational establishments in the Helsinki region arranging Finnish language courses. We offer a wide selection of Finnish language courses from elementary level A1.1 to level B1.2. (comprehensive school) and the possibility to continue to courses of the upper secondary school level from level B to level C. Classes are held between 8:30 am and 8:10 pm. You can apply to courses by filling in an application form online or at the office of the school. Course places are available on several levels. The selected students take part in a level test. The Finnish language course fee is €100. Note! We cannot offer you a study place, if you are already completing a degree in another educational establishment. At the Eira High School for Adults the syllabus of the comprehensive school (young people aged 17 to 25 with immigrant background) and upper secondary school (open) can be completed or the different subjects studied as a subject student. A part of the studies can be completed bilingually (Finnish–English).

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