Adult Education Institute of Vantaa

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The Vantaa Adult Education Centre is an organisation providing all-round education for adults. The Start-up courses (Startti-kurssi) funded by the City of Vantaa are primarily intended for those immigrants residing in Vantaa who are outside the sphere of labour market services and who are covered by the Integration Act (for example, stay-at-home mothers, senior citizens, the illiterate, etc.), and for those who have recently immigrated. The available selection includes basic and more advanced Finnish language courses, as well as reading and writing courses. All courses are provided at the lowest level. The courses usually include classes on one to three days a week. On summer courses, classes are held on every weekday for a total of 15 hours a week. All studies are free of charge. Those willing to take the courses can visit the student affairs secretary at the Adult Education Centre, or attend a class and enrol with the teacher. The courses are held at several locations around the city. There is no set application period as the courses operate on a continuous basis. More information on the Start-up courses (Startti-kurssi) can be obtained by visiting the Adult Education Centre, calling the student affairs secretary or by visiting the website of the school. In addition, you can study Finnish on a wide variety of paid evening courses held by adult education centres. The immigration training unit organises labour market Finnish language courses in collaboration with the Employment and Economic Development Office of Vantaa (TE-toimisto), which also accepts course applications. Separate basic education and preparatory education for comprehensive school studies is provided for young immigrants (17–25 years of age).

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